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Michael Adetona, also known as Mike Jfret, is an outstanding bass player who has been playing the bass guitar for over 15 years. He has an associate degree in music theory and performance in upright & electric bass.

He has performed with several artist in Africa, Europe and America. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. Performs regularly with a local band called Elbandolero, this band specializes in playing Latino, Afro Cuban, Salsa, Rumba and lots of 70s, 80s & 90s cover. He occasionally performs with other band as a session bass player. Mike is rooted in African music and likes to play jazz fusion, Blues, Gospel and R&B.

He manages a Facebook Page called “Mike Jfret Bass Lessons”, a place where he’s been actively teaching people how to play the bass guitar. His Influences are John Patitucci, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, Abraham Laboriel, Anthony Jackson, Richard Bona, Marcus Miller, Christian Mcbride, Ron Carter, Stanley Clarke, Steve Bailey e.t.c

Mike is a devoted Christian who believes there is only one God (Jesus).


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Free Basic Bass Lessons

  • Introduction to the bass guitar and its components
  • Understanding the different types of bass guitar
  • How to practice consistently and overcome procastination
  • How to become a successful bass player


Bronze Package +

  • Understanding the bass guitar fretboard
  • Understanding note values
  • How to play major and minor scales in all keys
  • How to play major and minor Arpegios on all keys
  • Limited bass exercises to improve fingering, intonation and to release tensed or stiffed fingers.


Silver Package +

  • How to play extended bass guitar scales
  • How to play extended bass guitar arpegios
  • How to slap the bass guitar
  • How to play major and minor bass chords in all keys
  • How to play a walking bassline
  • How to create unlimited bass exercises
  • How to play bass line of some popular songs


Gold Package +

  • Understanding Rhythmic Bass Patterns
  • How to play a bass guitar augmented and diminished chords
  • How to apply slurs, vibrato, and slides to your notes 
  • Extended slap techniques
  • Understanding patterns and motifs
  • How to improvise over common chord changes
  • How to sync bass grooves with the drums



Associated Board of Royal School of Music.


Trinity College of Music, London


Associate Degree in music theory and performance. Major – Upright Bass

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