The bass guitar is a very unique instrument that helps to provide a solid background or backbone to melodic instruments. Basically, it can be considered the intermediary instrument between the Drums and other instrument like the guitar, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet et.c.

There are different types and brands of bass guitar; Four strings, Five strings and Six strings bass. Talking of brand the list is inexhaustible, but there is no doubt that there are those that stand out from others. Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, LTD, MTD, Fodera are good references.

You can play around with a couple of them before you decide what type; whether four, five , six strings or brand you want to stick to.

Don’t wait until you have $10,000 to buy one, you can actually start with buying one that you can afford and later scale up if you want.

That’s just a piece of advice.

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