The hardest song to play is the simplest song that you don’t know. Sometimes we think we can just play or groove to any music even if we do not practice.

You might be lucky enough to have ran into some music that follows a common progression, so it was easy to jam with the band playing. I am sure this won’t be the case all the time.

There are other scenarios where the song you are playing is really simple but has an uncommon progression. In this case, you then begin to use your expertise or imagination to think of the next progression by delaying a bit before playing or by syncopating into every chords after it’s been played. Spamming the bass line is not a good idea. While you are playing, a good listener in the audience and yourself will know that something is a little off or shady to say.

It is best practice to listen and practice the song you are going to play before you actually presenting it or play with a group. Learning a song helps you focus your attention not to only listen to yourself but to others also when you playing and it also gives you the chances of being more creative.

Don’t you think a doctor will cause more harm if he’s not sure of what the problem is and yet he’s still prescribing medication or treating the patient???

As bass players, we have a very unique and obvious role to play to every song. It doesn’t matter whether the song is simple or not, or you’ve got a million years experience playing (Lol), always try to listen and practice before performing. This will make you a better musician not just a bass player.

I hope this little write up helps?

Stay put in the pocket my friend.

Mikes Bass Lessons


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